Food truck schedule for December and January

By Jeff Zeitler on Monday, December 4th, 2017

Yes- we will have trucks serving delicious food from all over the world parked just outside our door this winter!  Each has items that pair well with cider, and all can be brought inside to be enjoyed, as I don’t imagine anyone wants to be eating a pasty while standing on the sidewalk in January.
Schedule is as follows, subject as always to revision:
Pharoah’s GyrosDec 8,9 (Fri & Sat)
Egyptian street food, and some American favorites with fantastic veg options.
Kabomelette Dec 15 (Fri)
Omelettes and kabobs in one dish- and gluten free!
Sal’s PlaceDec 22 (Fri)
Italian-American goodness, and it’s not all pasta.
Potter’s PastiesJan 19 (Fri)
British-style savory and sweet pies.  No relation to the JK Rowling books as far as I know.
K-TownJan 26 (Fri)
Korean street food to warm you up on the coldest winter day!
Potter’s PastiesJan 27 (Sat)
More to come in the near future!