It’s pear season in Minneapolis

By Jeff Zeitler on Thursday, August 15th, 2019


It’s pear season and we’re picking them left and right this time of year.


Yes, if you didn’t know, pears grow really well in the Twin Cities area.  Some trees we pick are 50 feet tall!  It’s a workout getting pears off of trees that size, but so worth it.


If you’re curious about how pears are made into cider, stop by this Friday between 10 am and 12 and see us pressing behind the building.  You can even lend a hand if you wear clothes that can get dirty and some sturdy boots.  Pears really are one of the most unique fruits you can find in Minnesota and we’re proud to be (as far as we know) the only place making a Minnesota-only-sourced pear cider.


These pears won’t be ready to drink until early winter, as we ferment them in the basement winery, but a keg of last year’s pear cider will be on tap this weekend.  Stop by and give it a try.