Bottles we sell:

Apricot melomel

A honey based wine with the addition of local (yes, they can grow here) apricots!  Is this too good to be true?  Try it and find out- but try it soon- we don’t have a lot.  750 ml. bottle for 38.88 plus tax

Beet and chokeberry wine

Yes, it’s really made from beets.  Deep red, earthy, beety, with a bit of acidity and tannin from the chokeberries.  Weird and wonderful 750 ml. bottle for 38.88 plus tax

Blackcurrant cider

Originally made from currants grown in our back yard, we’ve taken to sourcing them from a farm in southwest Wisconsin as the demand for this has grown.  Taste it and you’ll see why!  Ruby-red and luscious, you’ll soon be hooked.  22 oz. bottle for 15.78 plus tax

Cherry apple cider

-coming soon- Just like it sounds, an apple cider base with cherries.  Light red, tart and a bit funky.  Fun as it sounds!  22 oz. bottle for 15.78 plus tax

Cherry melomel

Mead blended with tart cherry wine.  Zingy, tart, bright red, luscious, not too sweet, sexy.  So many descriptions packed into a such a  little bottle, but absolutely delightful.  750 ml. bottle for 27.77 plus tax


Ever wonder what mead blended with a high-tannin cider would taste like?  Then answer is semisweet and delicious. Honey and apples just work well together. Try it and see.  22 oz. bottle for 18.56 plus tax

Dandelion wine

This is one of our favorite recipes- wine made from fresh picked Minneapolis and St. Paul dandelions.   Floral, light, grassy and just slightly bitter.  This is a truly unique wine found in few other places.  750 ml. bottle for 35.15 plus tax

Dry cider

The first product we produced, and in many ways still the best.  The true essence of Minnesota apples in their finest form, with a bit of sparkle.  With no added sugar, this is a bracing, refreshing drink for a beautiful Minnesota day, winter or summer.    22 oz. bottle for 12.95 plus tax.

Edelweiss (dry white) 2022

A dry version of our original sweet Edelweiss.  The same grapes, but fermented to dry and aged for up to half a year in an old oak barrel.  Clean, refreshing, pairs beautifully with food.  The wine that often goes home with the owners and winemakers.  750 ml. bottle for $27.77 plus tax

Frontenac (red wine) 2022

A substantial and robust semisweet red wine made from Midwestern grapes.  Our Frontenac grapes come from a vineyard outside of Hudson and are bursting with tannin and stone fruit flavor.   750 ml. bottle for 27.77 plus tax

Gin Botanical cider

-out of stock- We use the spices that give gin its distinctive flavor- juniper berries, coriander and black pepper along with other herbs and infuse our dry cider with them.  It creates a sour, savory, tongue-tickling combination,  unlike any other cider we’ve made.  22 oz. bottle for 12.95 plus tax.

Herbed Cider

-out of stock- A combination of apple mint, anise hyssop and bee balm spice up this wonderfully refreshing cider.  All herbs are sourced from a community garden in St. Paul with which we’ve had a long relationship.  Fresh, tasty and perfect for a hot summer day!  22 oz. bottle for 15.78 plus tax

Honey Toast cider

Cider sweetened with caramelized (toasted) local honey as well as local buckwheat honey.  The dark honey gives the cider an orange color and a flavor redolent of light coffee or roasted pecans.  Truly unique among ciders.  22 oz. bottle for 15.78 plus tax

Maple and Oak cider

-out of stock- Aged in an oak barrel along with toasted French oak chips, then lightly sweetened with 100% organic maple syrup, this cider is a symphony in your mouth.  In 22 oz. bottles for 15.78 plus tax.

Pear cider

Made from local pears!  In fact, they all came from backyard trees in the metro area, primarily within the city limits of Minneapolis and St. Paul.  It tastes like you think it would, perhaps better.  Full of fresh pear flavor and sparkle and fairly dry.  22 oz. bottle for $15.78 plus tax

Piquette blanc

The second pressing of our Edelweiss grapes.  We rehydrate the skins and pulp of the  white grapes we hand-picked and make a light, fizzy Moscato-like beverage from them.  Quite refreshing and a treat for those who love both cider and white wines.  22 oz. bottle for 15.78 plus tax

Plum wine

A higher-alcohol dessert wine made from native plums, in the style of an Eastern European plum wine, rather than the more familiar Japanese style.  Sweet and delicious. Careful- it’ll creep up on you!  750 ml. bottle for 35.15 plus tax

Raspberry cider

Made with real raspberries, not flavoring, this has been a hit since we introduced it.  Fresh raspberry flavor, with a nice tart finish.  22 oz. bottle for 15.78 plus tax

Red  Velvet melomel

Why is this so expensive?  Well, we picked the aronia berries locally, then bought Wisconsin blueberries and blackcurrants and drenched them with Minnesota honey, then fermented and aged in oak barrels for most of a year.  And. it. is. absolutely. delicious.  Unless you are made of ice, you will love this.  750 ml. bottle for 38.88 plus tax

Sabrevois (rose’ wine) 2022

Light and fruity with a hint of acidity, this one may take you by surprise. Bright pink from a natural source- Sabrevois grapes from a vineyard in the St. Croix valley  Semi-sweet and super fun to drink, this wine goes down easy.    750 ml bottle for 27.77 plus tax.

Semisweet cider

Semisweet is a slightly sweetened version of our dry cider, made from the same local apples and barrel aged.  Tannic and semisweet in the style of a British cider and not overly carbonated.  Enjoy it with food and friends.  22 oz. bottle for 12.95 plus tax.

Semisweet mead

-out of stock- A full-flavored honey wine that will get you through a Minnesota winter.  Made from honey purchased from an organic farm in Southern Minnesota, this mead is the bomb.  Sweet enough to buffer the high alcohol, but not too sweet.   750 ml. bottle for 27.77 plus tax

Strawberry and Rhubarb cider

-out of stock- Rhubarb; fruit of the north, provider of pies and jams, the first taste of spring.  Strawberries: deep red, juicy and luscious.  This cider is sweet, fresh, exhilarating and won’t last long!  22 oz. bottle for 15.78 plus tax

Vin de Pomme

We’re told that in France, the wine cellar workers and field hands make this for their own enjoyment.  Here, we take our pressed red grapes and pour hard cider over them and let both ferment in a barrel.  The result is a wine/cider hybrid that is surprisingly good.  22 oz. bottle for 15.78 plus tax

Cider Vinegar

All-natural cider vinegar made from the leftovers from our hard cider batches.  Sour, funky and powerful!  Ask for a taste at the bar, and brace yourself!  16 oz. jar for 6.00, 32 oz. jar for 10.00.

Hot sauce

New for 2022 and so far a hot seller.  Mild green sauce is made from jalapeno and onion, the hot orange version is habenero and mango.  Both are delicious, but be careful with the hot one! 5 oz. bottle for 9.00.


Ciders by the glass or in a growler

We usually have 5 ciders on tap and one non-alcoholic soda or fruit beverage.  They vary from week to week.

The lineup typically includes at least one dry cider, one sweet cider and one fruit cider

If a cider is on tap, you can fill a growler with it.  A growler fill is $12.  The growler itself costs $8


Cider flight- 2.5 oz. samples of four draft ciders  $13

Ciders on tap rotate weekly.  A glass of cider is $7 or $8.

Non-alcoholic house made sodas are $6


Wines by the glass

Beet and chokeberry wine $9

Edelweiss (dry white) $8

Sabrevois (sweet rose) $8

Frontenac (off-dry red) $8

Dandelion wine  $9

Rhubarb wine  $9


Wine flight (a sampling of 4 wines of your choice) $16


Things to eat

Gluten-free 12″ cheese pizza  $15

Cheese tray w/ gluten-free crackers and olives $11