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Dry cider

The first product we produced- dry cider- is back!  This is the true essence of Minnesota apples in its finest form.  Now, with a bit of sparkle.  With no added sugar, its a bracing, refreshing drink for a beautiful Minnesota day.    Available at our bottle shop at 3016 East Lake Street.  $12.99/ 22 oz. bottle plus tax.

Semisweet Sparkling Cider

Our semisweet sparkling cider is a fruity and tingly version of our dry cider, made from the same local apples, but lightly sweetened and lightly sparkling.  It’s gluten-free and semisweet in the style of a British cider and not overly carbonated.  Enjoy it with food and friends.  Available in select Twin Cities liquor stores and at our bottle shop.  $12.99/ 22 oz. bottle plus tax.

Cherry-apple cider

Our 2016 cherry-apple cider is made from bright red pie cherries foraged entirely within the city limits of Minneapolis and St. Paul. It’s tart and tangy and a little sweet and a lot unlike any other cherry wine & cider blend you’ve ever tried. Limited edition will be for sale only as long as supply lasts. Available only in our bottle shop. $9.99/ 375 ml. bottle plus tax.

Hopped cider

Mead!  Honey Mead.  Made from honey, purified water and yeast.  A heavy-bodied slightly sweet nectar of the gods.  You need not wear tights or chainmail to enjoy mead.  It’s quaffed by folk of all sorts.  $17.99/750 ml. bottle plus tax.

Gin Botanical Cider

This was a bit of a surprise for us.  We were fortunate enough to receive a bounty of spent gin botanicals- the spices that give gin its distinctive flavor- from Lawless, a distillery located in neighboring Seward.   The botanicals included juniper berries, coriander, black pepper and lavender along with other herbs.  When we infused our dry cider with them, it created a tongue-tickling combination that tested very well in our trial run.  A truly unique cider unlike any other we’ve made.  Available at our bottle shop and at select liquor stores.  $12.99/ 22 oz. bottle plus tax.

Pear Cider

Pear cider is back and truly better than ever!  Pear cider is notoriously difficult to make, but we think you’ll agree when you try this, that we nailed this one.  Crisp, tart and refreshing.  Two parts green pear, one part green apple adding up to true fruit flavor and bit of a kick at the end.  Absolutely delicious.  $12.99/22 oz. bottle plus tax. Only while it lasts and only in our bottle shop.

Coming Soon


Dandelion Wine

It’s here but we don’t have room on our website to fit it!   This is one of our favorite recipes- wine made from Twin Cities dandelions.  We picked the flowers this spring and started fermenting them.  Floral, light and just slightly bitter.  This is a truly unique wine found in few other places.  375 ml/$10.99 +tax

Coming soon:

Blackcurrant cider: exactly as it sounds, and delicious! Local currants and local cider combine to make something gorgeous on your tongue.

Rhubarb wine is coming back soon.  Be patient.

Maple & Oak cider: An oaked, barrel-aged and maple syrup sweetened cider.  Our batch last year won a medal at an international cider competition.  We think this batch may be even better!


Where To Buy

At the moment, our Semisweet Sparkling Cider, Gin Botanical Cider and Semisweet Mead are for sale in:

Minneapolis: Surdyks, Zipps, Elevated, Skol Liquors, South Lyndale Liquors, Sentyrz, Haskells, Lake Wine and Cheese, Eastlake, 1010 Washington, Falls Liquor, Val-U Liquors, Central Ave. Liquors, Skyway Wine and Spirits and Minnehaha-Lake Beer,Wine and Spirits.

St. Paul: Kowalski’s Wine Shop on Grand, Thomas Liquors, Sharrets, Scotts Liquor, Midway Liquor, The Wine Thief and the 7th Street Liquor Barrel.

St. Louis Park: Westwood Liquors, Liquor Boy, MGM Wine & Spirits and Top Ten Liquors

Edina: Edina Municipal Liquor

Lilydale: Sunfish Cellars

Minnetonka: MGM Wine & Spirits

White Bear Lake: Elevated Wine, Beer and Spirits.

Mound:  Harbor Wine and Spirits

Others are for sale only at our winery and bottle shop at 3016 East Lake Street in Minneapolis on Fridays and Saturdays.  Call us at (651) 235-2726 if you plan to stop in at a time other than our regular hours.

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