Ciders on tap this week

Dry cider    $5

Maple & Oak cider   $6

Gin Botanical cider  $6

Winter Spice Cider $7

Cider flight  (a sampling of all 4) $11


Wines by the glass

Frontenac red    $6

Sangria (a blend of red wine and semisweet cider)  $7

Semisweet mead  $7

Dandelion wine $7

Louise (white) wine $8

Cherry melomel $8

Blueberry melomel  $9

Wine flight (a sampling of 4 wines of your choice) $15



Gluten-free cheese pizza  $12

Dried apple chips $9

Cheese tray w/ gluten-free crackers $8


Bottles to take home

Dry cider

The first product we produced, and in many ways still the best.  The true essence of Minnesota apples in their finest form, with a bit of sparkle.  With no added sugar, this is a bracing, refreshing drink for a beautiful Minnesota day, winter or summer.    $12.95/ 22 oz. bottle plus tax.

Semisweet cider

Semisweet is a fruitier version of our dry cider, made from the same local apples, but lightly sweetened.  It’s tannic and semisweet in the style of a British cider and not overly carbonated.  Enjoy it with food and friends.  $12.95/ 22 oz. bottle plus tax.

Dandelion wine

This is one of our favorite recipes- wine made from fresh picked Minneapolis dandelions.   Floral, light, grassy and just slightly bitter.  This is a truly unique wine found in few other places.  750 ml/$18.51 +tax.

Semisweet mead

Made from honey, purified water and yeast.  A heavy-bodied, slightly sweet nectar of the gods.  You need not wear tights or chainmail to enjoy mead.  It’s quaffed by folk of all sorts.  Higher alcohol than a cider, so please drink responsibly!  $18.51/750 ml. bottle plus tax.

Gin Botanical cider

We use the spices that give gin its distinctive flavor- juniper berries, coriander and black pepper along with other herbs and infuse our dry cider with them.  It creates a sour, savory, tongue-tickling combination,  unlike any other cider we’ve made. $12.95/ 22 oz. bottle plus tax.

Maple and Oak cider

Aged in an oak barrel along with toasted French oak chips, then lightly sweetened with 100% organic maple syrup, this cider is a symphony in your mouth.  In 22 oz. bottles for $15.78 plus tax.

Pear cider

Yes, it’s really made from local pears!  In fact, they all came from backyard trees in the metro area, primarily within the city limits of Minneapolis and St. Paul.  It tastes like you think it would, perhaps better.  Full of fresh pear flavor and sparkle and drier than you might expect.  22 oz. bottle for 15.78 plus tax

Blackcurrant cider

Oh- this one is fun.  Originally made from currants grown in our back yard, we’ve taken to sourcing them from a farm near Bayfield as the demand for this has grown.  Taste it and you’ll see why!  Ruby-red and luscious, you’ll soon be hooked.  22 oz. bottle for 15.78 plus tax


Ever wonder what mead blended with a high-tannin cider would taste like?  Then answer is semisweet and delicious. Honey and apples just work well together. Try it and see.  22 oz. bottle for 18.56 plus tax

Cherry melomel

Mead blended with tart cherry wine.  Zingy, tart, bright red, luscious, not too sweet, sexy.  So many descriptions packed into a such a  little bottle, but absolutely delightful.  22 oz. bottle for 27.84 plus tax

Blueberry melomel

Mead blended with blueberry wine.  Soft, warm, lightly sweet, a deep burgundy to plum color, sensuous but refined.  Blueberry melomel is everything we had hoped to make in a melomel.  It’s quite satisfying. If you try it, you’ll be more than satisfied.  22 oz. bottle for 35.15 plus tax

Frontenac red wine

A substantial and robust dry red wine made from Minnesota grapes.  We’d put it up anything California makes or, at least Oregon.     OK,  maybe Nebraska.  750 ml. bottle for $18.56 plus tax

Louise (white) wine

Now this is a great Midwestern wine.  We managed the vineyard, picked the grapes, then barrel aged this dry white wine in an oak barrel for 5 months.  It’s wonderful.  22 oz. bottle for 27.84 plus tax

Rhubarb wine

–Temporarily sold out–   Ohhh rhubarb; fruit of the north, provider of pies and jams, the first taste of spring.  You make a wine as wonderful as all of these, and we are thankful.  Sweet, fresh, exhilarating!  22 oz. bottle for 27.84 plus tax


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