3:30 on a Saturday afternoon

By Jeff Zeitler on Saturday, February 17th, 2024

3:30 on a Saturday afternoon.

I’m a gardener and thinking about planting my vegetable garden this spring today.

Ordering seeds, deciding what to plant where. While looking out over this sunny and pleasant but also completely empty taproom.

And while sitting here it occurred to me that customers are to a venue what water is to a garden. The garden can go without water, or with too little water for a while- sometimes a long while- plants can be very resilient. But eventually, the plants will wither and go away.

Well, maybe they were just the wrong plant for the location, or not a good plant to begin with, but without water, no plant will make it.

When you hear of well-loved venues going out of business or declaring chapter 11, remember that you too could be a raindrop.