Almost there!

By Jeff on Friday, November 27th, 2015

The basement of our building is finally starting to look like a winery! We’ve been actively working on it since July, and are finally in a place where we are happy to post pictures.  The two above were taken on Tuesday just before our inspection by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.  The inspection went well, and we’re waiting for the OK from one more (of four total)  city inspectors before we can schedule our final inspection with the state Department of Agriculture.It has been a long process, and there have been times when I have wondered why I wanted to start a winery and cidery, but right now it feels like it has been worth it.  It’s looking like a finished facility, and will be a beautiful (and sanitary) place to crank out batches of cider, wine and mead.

Our apple harvesting this fall was very successful- and the supply of apples was so abundant that we weren’t even able to harvest a large portion of the apples that we were offered by homeowners and orchardists.  We have a nice supply of apples sitting in our garage waiting to be pressed at this point, and tanks that are ready for them, as soon as we get the final OK from the state.

Our goal is to have bottles ready for sale by the holidays.  Given that yesterday was Thanksgiving, I guess it’s safe to say that the holidays are here.  So, if we can have bottles to sell by Christmas, or at least by New Year, I’ll be happy.  It’ll be a sprint to the finish- so check in here or on our Facebook or Twitter pages if you’re interested in being an early purchaser of Urban Forage fermented beverages.  We can’t wait to send them your way!


Jeff and Gita Z