Bushel to Bottle: the best way to celebrate fall!

By Jeff Zeitler on Thursday, October 17th, 2019

Have you heard of the Bushel to Bottle festival?  It may not be the best advertised fest out there, but it certainly is the most autumnal!

Held at Minnesota Harvest orchard in Jordan MN, B2B is a chance to take a scenic drive through the Minnesota River Valley, park in a beautiful orchard and enjoy cider (and beer! and cocktails!) from local producers using local ingredients.  Tickets will run you $35, which is quite reasonable compared to what some others are charging these days at similar festivals.

So get out of the city on October 26th!  Go enjoy our brief Minnesota autumn during the peak of leaf peeping and pumpkin picking season.  And have some cider while you’re at it. Kind of the grown-up equivalent of going to the orchard when you’re a kid to pick a few apples, pet the goats and ride on the haywagon.

Sound good?  Get your tickets here.