Construction: 2nd week of May

By Jeff Zeitler on Thursday, May 11th, 2017

This week in construction:


Our front wall finally went back up!  We have a new front door that now meets building code and two new (taller!  insulated-er!) windows at the front.  We’re still waiting on delivery of another window and installation of another door will be done by the lift company, so there will still be a hole in the front wall, and the accompanying plywood enclosure, for a little while.

Also, somewhat sadly, our old sign came down this week.  It was in need of repair, and more than a little out of date.  Rather than pour money into it, we decided to take it down.  Coming soon will be a new way of announcing our presence to the world!

Today was cleanup day.  When you have a few guys working in a space for two weeks with no cleanup, things get less than optimal.  So today was my day to organize the tools, recycle the energy drink cans and sweep up.  And take pictures.

In other news- we are debuting a new wine- our seasonal Rhubarb Wine tomorrow!  We just got notification that our label is approved, so we are starting sales ASAP.  We’ll be open Friday 3-7 and Saturday 1-5.



Jeff and Gita Z