Construction update: First week of July

By Jeff Zeitler on Friday, July 7th, 2017

First week of July construction update:

We’ve layered roofing felt and metal lath over most of the area to be stuccoed, and it makes a world of difference!  The front is  closer to looking like a finished building with the steps cut back and a uniform layer of something covering the plywood and window flashing.

On the inside, our plumbing and HVAC contractor is installing our new heating and cooling system.  The new unit is on the roof now- hoisted over by an enormous crane on Wednesday, and ductwork will be installed next week.  Rough plumbing for the new bathrooms also went in this week and electrical wire for the chairlift was installed.

Work is slower, as summer is always a busy time.  It’s hot, we have fruit to forage, and our kids are out of school.  But it continues to march forward, and we hope to open this taproom in September.  Hope being the operative word.


Jeff and Gita Z