Construction update: July, week 4

By Jeff Zeitler on Friday, July 28th, 2017


July has been a week of weddings in our family.  My (Jeff’s that is) youngest cousin was married in Kentucky and my youngest brother was married in Massachusetts.

So we traveled a lot this month, had a lot of fun and were happy to see so many family members at one time.  Buuut- our construction schedule fell behind a bit, and we made up for it this last week.

So now we’ve:

Drywalled the shaft for the chairlift that is to begin installation next week.

Finished the stucco on the building facade.

Had most of the electrical wiring installed (by an electrician- can’t take any credit for that).

Built the frame for the cider bar.

At this point the exterior construction is finished (yeah!!!) except for the sign and exterior lighting.   There’s still a lot to do on the interior, but the most difficult tasks are finished at this point, and we can look forward to more drywalling, then painting and doing finish carpentry and building out the bar.

If you’d like to help, you could stop by during the week and move heavy things around until your back hurts.  Or not, since our insurance would frown on that.  Instead, why not buy a CSA membership or Cider for life membership?  That’ll help us pay other people to move heavy things around.  And you get a lot of cider!


Jeff and Gita Z