Construction update: second week of June

By Jeff Zeitler on Tuesday, June 13th, 2017


I’ve missed a construction update or two here, but I have a second week of June update for everyone interested!

We’ve been busy, just not busy updating our website.  In the last two weeks we finished taping and mudding our ceiling and applied the first layer of primer. The ceiling is destined to be matte black, so the primer is starting as a rather surprising dark grey.  Will you like it?  I hope so.  Wait for the finished product before making up your mind.

Also, we finished our framing of walls for the chairlift, bathrooms and bathroom privacy wall.  We’ve also removed the plywood exclusion wall at the facade, so you can see our newly reglazed facade!  We are still in need of patch stucco, so bear with us.  It won’t look this patchy forever.

Also, we’ve removed the hardwood floors from the future bathrooms and replaced them with new 3/4″ plywood which will serve as underlayment for the tile.  Don’t mourn for the hardwood.   It’ll be reincarnated as flooring in another area which is not as rich in century-old wood flooring.  Nothing will go to waste if I can help it.

On that note- I’d like to share that we’ve recycled over 1000 pounds of steel from our building so far (steel studs, awning frame, ductwork and ceiling grid) and more than 100 pounds of aluminum and copper (window frames, electrical wiring and old plumbing) and gave away for free almost 100 ceiling tiles, several hundred pounds of concrete as garden pavers, copious amounts of wood, 3 very large panes of heavy-duty glass and 8 antique window sashes with trim. We’ve avoided filling at least one 20-yard dumpster by my estimation, and I’m glad that others have been able to forage the things that we weren’t able to use.

In other news- we have a kickoff event for our new Bottle CSA, Growler CSA and Cider For Life program coming up on July 7!  $10 to get in for glasses of cider and appetizers, and $15 off your membership if you sign up that night!  Can’t go wrong!  Details here.

More to come soon!


Jeff and Gita Z