Construction update: Third (or maybe fourth) week of September

By Jeff Zeitler on Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

Here is where we stand partway through the fourth week of September:


We have floor tile in both bathrooms and wall tile is now being installed.

We have floor tile behind the bar and wall tile is going up there as well.

Concrete board and FRP have been installed behind the bar.

In front of the bar, we’re installing the wainscoting, and also wainscoting the east and north walls to match

Painting is finally done!  Gorgeous colors now adorn all of our walls.

The basement ceiling is painted, and the process of cleaning up the dust and mess in the winery has now begun, and will continue for a while.

Electrical installation continues.

Final plumbing fixture installation should take place soon.


<deep breath>


Want to see it all?  We are opening up the space this Saturday from 1-5.  Come have a cider and chill for a while.  No we’re not all the way open yet.  Yes we will be soon.