Food trucks are scheduled!

By Jeff Zeitler on Monday, December 4th, 2017

Hey cider drinkers!  We’ve heard your requests for food, and though we don’t have a commercial kitchen, we’re working on ways to make food happen at Urban Forage.

The first is our growing collection of takeout and delivery menus on the back wall.  So far we have menus from neighborhood favorites, Dumpling, Himalayan and Gandhi Mahal, and contact cards from International Cuisine.  We hope to add more menus soon. If you have a favorite restaurant that you don’t see represented, feel free to bring in some takeout menus in and we’ll add them to our collection.

The second thing we’ve done is schedule food trucks for most of the weekends of December and January.  See our events page for names of trucks and dates. I have to admit, I’m pretty excited about this, because as a new business owner, I’ve hardly had time to sample food from the proliferating food truck scene in Minneapolis and I’m really looking forward to sampling each of these on a Friday or Saturday!

Trucks we’ll host in December:  Pharaoh’s Gyros, Kabomelette, and Sal’s Place.  In January it’ll be Potter’s Pasties and K-Town.

So now you have no excuse for staying home and hibernating when the wind chill is twenty below.  Order, sit inside on our warm and cozy couch while you sip a glass of mulled cider, then run outside to retrieve some deliciousness.  Then eat it at your leisure while sitting at our bar.  What’s not to love about that?

OK- so you really don’t want to go outside AT ALL?  Well, we’re working on getting some sandwiches and cheese platters— indoors– for sale– pretty much all of the time.  Not that they’d compete with a gyro from Pharaoh’s or a Potter’s pasty, but it’s a good second.

Cheers and happy winter eating!