Going California sober? We have the thing for you.

By Jeff Zeitler on Sunday, February 26th, 2023

Lots of us are California dreamin’ at the moment.   I am.  You probably are too.

I was walking to the mailbox, through the almost knee-high snow last week when I ran into a neighbor and was had a good talk about our new THC seltzer.  She mentioned that she knew an increasing number of people who were going ‘California sober’, that is, they had sworn off alcohol and are use THC in low doses instead.  It’s a way to have the mild effect of an after-dinner drink or two, without the calories and without the other physical effects of alcohol.

If you count yourselves among the California sober, or are simply dreaming of it, try our Herban haze.  It has 5 mg of pure and clean Delta-9, a component of THC that gives more of a body high than a mental one.  I’m not one to be into smoking cannabis, so I was a bit hesitant to go all in on this product, but I have to say, 3-5 milligrams is a sweet spot for me.  A little mellowing out, a little sleepiness and a touch of the munchies without the brain exploding and hiding under the couch part that I recall from my not-so-fun college THC experience.  $6 for a bottle this week, with some sales to come.  Try it and see what you think!