Hey- that’s us!

By Jeff Zeitler on Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

We’ve been long time credit union members- Jeff has belonged to Spire CU, long before it was known by that name.  Gita also became a member after marrying Jeff, and both have been happy to bank with a credit union rather than a bank since then.

Spire has returned the favor by featuring Urban Forage in one of their TV commercials!  From what they tell us, this is going to be playing on stations all over Minnesota this year.  So if you saw someone that looked like us in a commercial- well, you probably did.

We’d recommend Spire as a credit union to anyone without hesitation.  In 23 years, we’ve always been treated fairly, and have felt like a valued member, not like a consumer.  The difference is huge.  It also helped that their loan rates are almost always better than the big banks too!

Video is posted here.  Enjoy!