Hopped cider! Dry cider!

By Jeff Zeitler on Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Hopped cider is finally here and  our dry cider is back and better than ever! 


Now that it’s spring,  we’re bringing back our dry cider, and also bringing out a new batch of hopped cider that we’re pretty sure you’re going to like.

Wet hopped with fresh Cascade hops grown in our backyard, our hopped cider is slightly bitter and fruity.  Some see it as a gluten-free and grain-free alternative to beer.  I say it’s pretty darn good in its own right.  Sparkling, dry, refreshing, and well paired with anything off of the grill, it’s a great way to welcome spring.

We’re also bringing back our dry cider which exceeded our sales expectations and built an early following for our not-sweet-at-all cider.  It’s fantastic over ice.  It’s also remarkably similar to the cider enjoyed on the Emerald isle, so you may want to surprise guests with it in a week or so.  Truly one of our best products.

To make room for them, we’re taking mead and dandelion wine off sale while we work on a new batch of honey and wait for the next crop of dandelions to pop up this spring.  They’ll be back, but you’ll have to wait a bit.

As always, we are open this Friday from 3-7 PM and Saturday from 1-5.


Jeff and Gita Z