Introducing the Urban Forage CSA

By Jeff on Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

If we haven’t pushed the boundaries of the winemaking world enough already- we’re now introducing the Urban Forage CSA!

Members in our CSA will be able to pick up a free bottle each month of whatever has just been bottled at the winery.  That means a bottle of natural hard cider when that is in season, honey mead in late winter, or a fresh flower wine in August.  It’s a very new way to look at wine, cider and mead, and another thing that makes us unique.   You will be the recipient of our first fruits.  Before anyone else has a chance to buy it- you will have a bottle in your hands.

For the next 11 days- anyone who pledges to our kickstarter campaign at the $125 level and above will receive a one-year membership in our CSA, starting with our first bottling.  In addition to a free bottle each month, you will receive a 20% discount on all of our products and an Urban Forage T-shirt.  Sounds good, yes?

We’re excited that we’ve found so much support from the community during this crowdfunding drive.  We hope that you’ll take us up on this offer- because it will only last as long as the kickstarter campaign.  CSA shares will be sold after we’re done- but not for $125.

Thanks for your support!  We’re looking forward to having this funding campaign succeed, and taking the next steps of ordering equipment and beginning the final buildout of the winery space.  It’s so close we can taste it!