New hours- Friday 4-8, Saturday 12-4

By Jeff Zeitler on Friday, June 17th, 2016

You asked for them- we’ve provided.  While we’re trying not to change our hours too much, in five months of running the bottle shop in front of the building, we’ve noticed some trends.  There tends to be a rush of business in the late afternoon and early evening on Fridays, and early afternoon on Saturdays.  So we’re adding hours where you’ve asked for them, and where it seems to make sense to add more.

So our hours from now on will be:

Friday 4-8 PM

Saturday Noon-4 PM

We may add Thursday hours if there is demand for them (email us at and demand if you like).  But our experiments with adding Thursday hours so far have not produced stellar results.

In other bottle shop news, we are seeking a cooler so we can sell cold semisweet and dry and pear cider on site.  I’ve noticed when doing tastings off-site that cold cider sells much quicker than warm cider, so I plan to make cold cider available in our shop as soon as I can.  I’m watching auctions and used equipment websites- and if you know of anyone looking to sell a glass-door commercial refrigerator, let me know.  I’ll be very glad to talk with them.


Jeff and Gita Z