New products, and now we’re open Mondays!

By Jeff Zeitler on Thursday, June 2nd, 2022

And did we mention the silver medals?

Well, if we did, I’ll mention it again. We sent four of our ciders: pear, maple and oak, honey toast and blackcurrant to the biggest cider competition in North America this year, and came home with four silver medals. Four.

So this week, we’re putting all four on tap so you can try a silver medal cider flight. Pear cider, Maple and Oak cider, Blackcurrant cider and Honey Toast cider will be on this week, so long as they all last. The price will be the same as always- no cider inflation taking place here, at least not yet.

Can’t make it most of the days we’re open? That may change. We’re going to be open Mondays starting next week, so if your weekend fall on days different from most peoples’ weekends, you’ll still be able to stop in for a cider with us. That means we’ll be open 6 days a week now: 4-9 on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 1-9 on Saturday and 1-5 on Sunday.

And to make it even more likely you might want to take home some award-winning cider, we’re finally putting it in a package that everyone likes to take with them on trips: the four-pack of 12 ounce bottles.

Yes, the convenient and shareable way to purchase cider- the four-pack- is coming to our taproom! We will begin selling fours of pear and blackcurrant cider next week, at a price competitive with the others out there. It’s quite exciting, and just a test run at this point, but we’re glad to be rolling it out just in time for summer!

What else says summer? How about slushies? The slushy machine is going back into service this week, and just in time I might say! It’s hot and humid and slush is going to go down easy this coming weekend. We’ll start with a blackcurrant seltzer slushie and go from there. We’ll post the slush of the week on the FB page from time to time, so check in there if you’re curious.

Also new this summer are a couple of new on-tap sodas! We have a really nice natural raspberry soda ready to go soon, and a new batch of root beer, as well as a sparkling lemonade that you may remember from our Open Streets events in years past. All are non-alcoholic and complement the butterbeer that we roll out each Harry Potter trivia night.

Speaking of which… we’ll be switching trivia night to Wednesdays this summer. We’ve noticed that people tend to start packing their things on Thursday nights in order to make a quick getaway Friday afternoon, so we’re hopeful we’ll see more of you if we shift our trivia night back on day. So the upcoming trivia Wednesdays will be:

June 1: Friends

June 8: The Office

June 15: The Avengers

June 22: Harry Potter

June 29: I Heart Huckabees

July 6: Friends



Jeff and Gita Z.