Now at Skyway Wine & Spirits and Sunfish Cellars!

By Jeff Zeitler on Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

We’re proud to announce that our ciders and mead are available in two new venues this week!  Skyway Wine and Spirits in Downtown Minneapolis is now carrying our Honey mead, Semisweet cider and Gin Botanical cider.  Sunfish Cellars of Lilydale has added our Semisweet cider to their eclectic lineup.

If you’re a resident of downtown Minneapolis or Lilydale stop by and pick some up, and let the owner know you appreciate their carrying our fine cider.

If you can’t find our products at your own neighborhood liquor store, let the owner know you’d like to see them!  And let us know, so we can stop by and give them a demo bottle.  We’re always up for a road trip.

And as always, we’ll have all six of our current offerings for sale each Friday from 3-7 and Saturday from 1-5 at our bottle shop at 3016 East Lake.

Cheers, and happy February!