Now foraging in a neighborhood near you

By Jeff Zeitler on Thursday, September 27th, 2018

It’s foraging season again and we’re out in force this year.  If you have an apple tree that goes unpicked, please email us at with; 1. the type of apple (if known) 2. how many trees 3. your address  4. your phone number  5. a picture of the tree (if you are able)

If it fits our schedule, we’ll come to where you are and pick your apples and leave a bottle of cider in the screen door.  How’s that for a deal?

And if we’re not able to make it to you- maybe you’re too far from our picking route, or have too small a tree- you can still pick the fruit and bring it to us.  As long as the fruit hasn’t been on the ground, we can accept it, and will gladly give you something in return- a drink at the taproom, or perhaps a bottle if you bring a bushel or more.  Any time we’re open for business, we’re willing to accept foraged fruit.

Hope to see you soon- with a bushel of apples in tow.