now on Twitter- @UrbanForageWine

By Jeff on Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

So I’m a novice to Twitter, I admit.  I set up an account years ago and didn’t really use it much.

But- it’s a great way to let everyone know what we’re up to, and we’re getting up to a lot these days.  So please sign up to follow Urban Forage Winery if you’re of the Twittering persuasion.

One thing I want to mention- that I would like to shout about, really- is the fact that we found out last week from our new attorney- Mr. Jeffrey O’Brien- that we CAN sell bottles and drinks on site, contrary to what we had earlier thought.

This is a big game changer, in that we can start planning NOW for a tasting room and on-site bottle sales.  I had thought we’d need a change in the law to do that- but I’m glad to be wrong on this one.  Very glad.

We’ll still need to go through the city planning process, so we’ll plan on having production start well before anything else can open, but we’re excited to know that we’ll be able to invite you and everyone else who’s interested in natural wines and ciders and meads, and into urban foraging into our winery/cidery/meadery for a bottle or two!