OPEN this Friday, CLOSED Saturday

By Jeff Zeitler on Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

If you’re looking to get your cider on, stop in on Friday.  We’ll be open 3-7 (OK, 3:30- we’re stretched a bit thin) and closed on Saturday.

Saturday will be busy off-premises for us.  We’re going to the Spire credit union annual meeting. We usually try to go, but this year, they’ve featured us in one of their commercials, so they asked us to be at the meeting to be recognized.  Also- we’re going to be at the Winter Wine Fest at the Bloomington Doubletree that evening, so we’re pretty booked.

Demolition continues and we continue to modify our construction plans with each new discovery as we tear into the ceiling and walls.  So far, mostly good news.  More as we’re able to tell about it.


Jeff and Gita Z