That new wood wall thing

By Jeff Zeitler on Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

If there ever was a question as to whether or not we’re renovating, there is no such question now.  Our plywood enclosure for the front of the building just went up today, ensuring that we can replace our doors and windows -and in general spruce up the front of the building- without interruption.

Our 101-year old building has great bones, but the renovations and re-renovations to turn it into a machine shop then church then pawn shop then jewelry store then hair salon have left it with a bit of an identity crisis.  We’re stripping it all away and starting fresh, and making it a bit more like we imagine it may have been 100 years ago.

So far, we’ve replaced the roof entirely and added bracing to make sure it stays put.  We’ve insulated the ceiling to stop the leakage of heat (along with water) that we’d been dealing with.  We’ve demolished ceilings, walls and doors to make it all possible.  Now the fun parts- new doors and windows- a new ceiling with a bit more pizazz than the previous one, and the choosing of lights, wainscoating and other finishing touches.   The old, but lovable blade sign will be coming down soon, and a new method of announcing our presence will appear.

Many of these options were chosen by you at our New Years Eve Eve party a few months ago, and we hope you’ll like the way we put those suggestions into action.  We didn’t take all of your suggestions, but we did take most.

While we build, we’re still open for bottle sales each Friday and Saturday in the basement, accessed through the side door.  Come see us on Friday 3-7 PM or Saturday 1-5.


Jeff and Gita Z