Turn off the news for an evening

By Jeff Zeitler on Friday, March 11th, 2022

I mean, I’m watching it all the time too, don’t get me wrong.

But you might need an evening out. Just a suggestion, but it might do you a bit of good. The world won’t end if you tune out for a bit, and if it does, it may as well end while you’re holding a glass of good wine or cider.

To that end, we are having a modest cider sale on the three lovely fruit ciders that we currently have on tap. These are three of our bestsellers and (if you were to ask me) taste like a bit of springtime in Minnesota. These would be: blackcurrant cider, pear cider and cherry cider; all bottles of which are 25% off this Friday and Saturday at our in-person store.

And with the city letting go of its prior restrictions, you’re now able to choose whether or not you mask when entering the business. Feel free to show your face again- or not- if that’s what you prefer. Your choice. We’re okay with it either way.

With the improvement in overall public health, we’re also bringing back trivia! We were going to wait another week, but what the heck- we’ve just scheduled Harry Potter trivia for St. Patrick’s day! Come and kick off your festivities by showing the world how well you know your Harry Potter universe. You could win a bottle of something to share with your friends and become the most popular person in the pub for 15 minutes!

And… we’re also going to do something we thought we’d never do… make green cider! I mean, yes, our cider is green in an environmental sense, but this time we’re adding food-grade chlorophyll to make it truly green! Come try our first ever green green cider next weekend and be sure to click your heels together when you try it.

This weekend? Well, it’s still cold out (ugh) so tomorrow (Saturday, that is) we’ll put hot mulled cider on tap for the last time this season. Mulled cider, with cinnamon sticks, ginger, cloves and cardamom warms you right down to your toes like a day on a beach in Hawaii, but costs about three thousand dollars less. So come out and have a last glass of mulled cider tomorrow with us before we put it away until next November.

Things are getting better, they are. At least I hope so. We also hope to see you soon.


Jeff and Gita Z.