Waste apples for the holiday feast? Yes, please!

By Jeff Zeitler on Tuesday, November 27th, 2018

Would you like some trash on your table next to the cranberries and mashed potatoes?

You will when it’s transformed into some of Minnesota’s best cider!

The City Pages recently featured us in an article about companies that turn waste food into booze and we couldn’t be happier.  Read it below and tell us what you think!

And just by the way- we pick the apples ourselves and never use apples that have fallen on the ground.  There are rules about that.  It is true, however, that if we didn’t pick them, amazingly, many of these apples will actually end up in a garbage can and contribute to the overfilling of landfills and methane pollution.  We get in the middle of that cycle and make something really outstanding (in our humble opinion) from it.


Twin Cities Taprooms are Turning Waste into Cider and Cocktails