We are not in the office. Currently out foraging.

By Jeff Zeitler on Wednesday, September 8th, 2021


We can tell you exactly where the grapes, apples, pears or cherries in your cider and wine came from because we picked them.  Apples, cherries and pears come from backyards and front yards all over the city and the suburbs.  Grapes come from a privately owned vineyard in Lake Elmo that we manage.  Rhubarb is brought in by neighborhood residents and traded for wine.  Hops come from the back of our garage.  Herbs are grown in our community garden plot in St. Paul.

We buy some things too- namely  black currants and blueberries and honey.  Those come from local farmers in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  We want to not only talk the talk about urban foraging and local products, but walk the walk as well.  If you have things you want us to pick, or better yet, want to pick it for us and trade it for wine or cider, email us at urbanforagewinery@gmail.com


Jeff and Gita Z.