Where can you buy our cider when the shop isn’t open?

By Jeff Zeitler on Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

Well I’m glad you asked!

Now that Bernick’s is distributing our semisweet hard cider, you can buy it from someone other than -me- and somewhere other than the front of our building.

So far it’s only available in South and Northeast Minneapolis, western St. Paul and White Bear Lake, but we expect that more locations will be coming online soon.

At the moment you can find it in St. Paul at Thomas Liquors, and in Minneapolis at Zipps, South Lyndale Liquors, Sentyrz, Falls Liquors, Minnehaha Lake Beer, Wine and Spirits, and Elevated in both Minneapolis and White Bear Lake.

We’ll update this page and our facebook page as more stores start to carry our semisweet cider. For now, the only place you can find our specialty ciders and wines, such as the pear cider or dry cider is at our location at 3016 East Lake, but be sure to mention when you stop at the store that you’d like to someday see more of our products stocked there. They listen to their customers, and from what we hear, it’s the way to get things done.

Cheers, and happy Memorial Day!