Upcoming events

Every Thursday : Trivia Night, at 7 PM.  All original questions, written and researched by Jeff and Luke with help from Jeff and Gita’s kids.  Topics include the books of JK Rowling and JRR Tolkien, Minnesota history, Broadway musicals, the Simpsons and Friends.  Topic of the week can be found here.

Every Sunday: Winery tour and tasting at 2 PM.  You have to pay for this one up front, but it’s worth it.  Take a tour of the basement winery and production facility at Urban Forage with co-owner and winemaker, Jeff. Taste a sampling of our offerings on tap, as well as samples of ciders and wines in production. Stay afterward in the taproom for an informal question and answer session.


April 22: 3-5 PM Neighborhood Night InIf you live in Longfellow, Seward, Powderhorn, Corcoran, East Phillips or any of the other neighboring areas, please join us for a neighborhood get-together to celebrate the coming of spring and the end of hibernation season. Food truck will be out front, feel free to bring snacks if you like.

April 22: 5-7 PM  Flamenco Night.  A little bit of Spain in Minnesota. Flamenco guitar and space for dancing if you like.

April 27:  7 PM Hurt Seljukiv- The Ukrainian Village Band.  Yes!  They will return to Urban Forage on April 27. Come to polka, stay for the folk/punk fusion. Dancing is allowed, even encouraged. We’ll be sure to have the black currant cider on tap again. AND a pierogi food truck out front to boot. Don’t miss it this time!

May 11: 4-10 PM National Nurses Week celebration  We welcome all nurses, medical professionals and their friends for a celebration of National Nurses week. Win fantastic prizes in our medical trivia night, enjoy nurse-only drink specials, and enjoy something from our food truck of the night.  Chris Davies and the Hollywood Three play at 7 PM. Cheers!

May 12:  Nyttu Chongo brings music and rhythms from Mozambique, using traditional instruments such as the Mbira, Chopi Timbila and Inanga. Nyttu brings sounds to the Twin Cities that have seldom been heard here before. Come enjoy an evening of innovative and beautiful music from the southeastern coast of Africa.

May 13: 2-6 PM Mothers’ Day in the afternoon  Bring your mom to Urban Forage on Mother’s Day for a few of her favorite things. A glass of wine, a plate of charcuterie or maybe some little sweet things, nice music and time to spend with her kids. We’ll have flowers- a lot of flowers- and will have a special treat for every Mom in the house. Come after brunch and stay for a while!

Trivia night themes: Spring 2018

March 8: Harry Potter and books by JK Rowling

March 15: Laura Ingalls Wilder and the Little House books

March 22: Star Wars (all nine movies so far)

March 29: Minnesota history and geography

April 5: Harry Potter and books by JK Rowling

April 12: Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, books by JRR Tolkien

April 19: Broadway musicals, 20th and 21st century

April 26: Friends (the TV show)

May 3: Star Wars

May 10: Minnesota music trivia

May 17: Harry Potter and books by JK Rowling

May 24: Laura Ingalls Wilder and the Little House books

May 31: The Simpsons


Spring food truck schedule

As it gets warmer out, the food trucks all start to come out of hibernation.  We’re working to schedule food trucks for the spring and will update this calendar as we add trucks.  Be sure to check here before heading to dinner!

March 17: Cheese Louise

March 23:  Gerhard’s Brats

March 24: El Burrito Mercado

April 13: Gerhard’s Brats

April 14: Potter’s Pasties

April 20: K-Town Street Foods

April 21: Hot Indian

April 22: El Jibarito

April 27: Natasha’s Pierogies

April 28: Sizzling Wagon

May 4: Xstream Cuisine

May 5:

May 11:  Gerhard’s Brats

May 12: K-Town Street Foods

May 18: Natasha’s Pierogies

May 19: El Burrito Mercado

May 25: Pharaoh’s Gyros

May 26: Grumpy Claude’s Caribbean Cuisine