Urban Forage Winery & Cider House

Our production facility and taproom are located at 3016 East Lake Street in the heart of the Longfellow neighborhood in the beautiful city of Minneapolis.

Right now we’re featuring four ciders on tap: a dry cider, a semisweet and two rotating taps.  We also have a wider variety of bottles for sale during our open hours.  See the Our Products page for more information.

We host trivia each Thursday, have local bands playing original music on a regular basis and host meetings, parties and get-togethers for a reasonable fee.

To answer your frequently asked questions:

Our taproom is kid-friendly, but not necessarily dog-friendly as we try to be sensitive to allergy issues.

All of our ciders and wines are completely gluten-free.  We are a winery, not a brewery, and as such none of our products contain grain or gluten.

We will have grape wine someday.  When that will be, we’re still figuring out.

We do have snacks on hand in our fridge, and while the weather is nice, we try to have a food truck out front each Friday and Saturday event.  See here.

Yes, that was us you saw on the Spire commercial.  No, we don’t do autographs.